Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing Catch Up

We thought it would be fun to bring two new puppies home to join Bella and Rudy. They are super cute and bundles of energy. We wanted to just get the little girl but when we saw her and her brother together we just could not separate them. The kids fell totally in love with these puppies. Everyone fell in love with them except for Rudy. He would attack them whenever they got to close to him or his things. After trying diligently for a week we just couldn't deal with that anymore. We were able to give the puppies back to the vet that we bought them from. It was a very devastating day at the Fincher house.

We thought we had our Roach problem taken care of last winter. But as soon as the temperature started to rise out came the roaches. Our bug man is awesome and spent a long time with us looking behind cupboards and the dishwasher trying to find out where these little buggers were coming from. We found a huge hole that we thought had been sealed up but over the years had opened up again. It was pretty disgusting. So we thought we had it fixed again. I have to say that we have gone from finding 2-3 roaches a day to 1-2 roaches every 3-4 days. I guess that's good. It still is not good enough for me, but what you gonna do about it?

Addison has still been struggling with her health. She went through another colonoscopy and endoscopy. Her eosinophill counts were really high still and the sores in her esophagus and colon were still pretty bad. So we finally decided to go ahead with the GTube. Which is a feeding tube that is surgically put into her stomach. That will take place on the 28Th of April. We are hoping and praying that this will help Addison to not be so sick and in so much pain anymore.

We also took Rudy to the vet. He had this big bump on his head and the hair around it starting to fall out. I have to admit that it took me way longer to take him in then it should have but when you hardly have time to pee making a vet appointment is not a priority. Anyways they took a scraping of the bumps (which buy this time had now spread to his ears and face) and came back with the diagnoses that they are mites. YUCK!!! So he has been on an antibiotic for 2 weeks and is also on this horrible medicine that I have to squirt into his mouth that smells like some kind of bug spray. He totally hates it and it's a fight to get him to take it everyday. He will have to be on it for one month total. His bumps are finally starting to look better.

I have been pretty overwhelmed to say the least this last month. We are also in a constant battle with the Jr. High about Addison. I thought getting a 504 plan would help me hold the school a little more responsible for helping Addison. Boy was I wrong. So we are now debating whether to send her to a different school next year or stay at Carson. If we stay at Carson I will make darn sure that Addison gets another counselor. Hers this year is a total Beeyatch.
Hopefully I won't be such a slacker and try to stay up on my blog a little better.