Saturday, January 31, 2009

How could you not love dogs?

One day when Addison was home from school she was in my room reading some American History for school. I went in to check on her and found both dogs had found her and decided to take a nap by her. She loves her dogs!

Bella has fallen in love. Since Rudy has come to our family she is a totally different dog. She has found a soul mate. Bella and Rudy truly do love each other. Rudy has taught Bella how to play like a dog (instead of like a human baby). They love to wrestle with each other. They love to snuggle together for naps. Bella knows that Rudy is in charge and when he tells her to back off boy does she know it. He is so gentle with her. He truly adores Bella. He follows after her like a love sick puppy. You often see them giving each other kisses. These dogs have enriched our family more than I ever thought possible. I thought this picture was so sweet. Addison found them laying like this one day. It looks like an upside down heart.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I thought that my Hysterectomy was hard. Don't get me wrong it was, but this last week I have taken care of someone who's was even harder. This last week Bella was spayed. I knew it was going to be hard but I had no idea how hard it was going to be. Clint dropped her off the morning of and when the Vet checked Bella out she realized that two of Bella's baby teeth had not fallen out and her two new teeth had already grown in. So she was not only spayed but also had two teeth pulled. We also had her micro chipped. Addison and I got to pick her up when she was all done later that day. It was horrible. She kept dry heaving and drooling everywhere. We were really concerned about her. She had to wear a cone because she would not leave her incision alone. The cone was so big she could not reach her food or water. I cut her cone down so it was a little more manageable for such a little dog. My sister Marni decorated it with some vinyl polka dots. Thankfully the next day she was a little bit better. Then the next day I was showing my mom her incision and commenting on how high it looked and my mom asked me, " What's that?" I looked and there was a huge gross sore on her side. So I take her back to the Vet the next day and they think the clippers burned her when they were shaving her hair off to spay her. I had not know it was there and that she could reach the sore with her back feet and had made it pretty bad. So now not only does she have to wear a cone on her head I also have to bandage up her sore. If you even go near the sore with neosporin or anything she just cries. So I have to hold her down to take care of it. I am glad to say she is up and playing around and seems to be feeling better. So as hard as my Hysterectomy was I am grateful that: 1. I did not have to wear a cone and 2. That my feet didn't reach my gut because I probably would have been scratching and bugging my incision also.

Our New Addition

This last week we had a new addition to our family. His name is Rudy. We found him through the Chihuahua Rescue program. His is such a sweet little guy. We are hoping he will be a good friend for Bella. She has become a little too possessive and serious. So far he has her playing and not being the boss anymore. She follows his lead and enjoys spending time with him. He is a year and a half old. He has one leg that he cannot use. So he walks on three legs. He can run, jump, and do anything else a regular dog can do. His only problem with me is he is not potty trained. I thought he was because he was living with a foster family for the last while and the lady said she never had a problem with it. We are diligently working on that. It's no fun to wake up in the middle of the night to diarrhea all over the house. One night of that and I learned my lesson. He is now sleeping in his crate until he masters potty training. He is still spraying in the house and yard even though he is neutered. I am hoping that is just because Bella's scent is everywhere. He just takes careful watching, but is worth the trouble.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pushy People!!!!

*I was told I was too harsh in my original blog so I revised it the best I could while still getting my feelings across. I don't tolerate pushy people. I am all for serving, visiting, and helping other people. But right now in my life my children, my family and me come first. It has taken me many years to be able to say no to people. I try to be kind when I do it, but if I continue to get badgered or pushed in a corner I guarantee I will push back. I know the Gospel is true, but it's dealing with the people in the Church that is so annoying. I feel like the members of the Church get lost and left behind sometimes because we are so focused on the "Inactives" and "non-members". Well sometimes the 99 need help too. If we help the 99 think how many 1's we will be able to find and help.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movie Review

I have two movie reviews for you today. The first movie up is.... Bride Wars. I had really high hopes for this one. I have to say that it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. I think if they had not built this movie up so much it would have been better. From all the previews it seems like it would be really great. I am still glad that I saw it but I won't be buying it. The second movie up is... Mall Cop. I took Jarom and Addison to see this today and I was really looking forward to seeing it. Well I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I laughed out loud many many times. The kids liked it also. Keep in mind that I absolutely love Napoleon Dynamite, Church ball, The Hometeachers and all those other cheesy but goody movies. I don't think you can go wrong watching this movie. And I will be buying this one. Enjoy!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

So Addicted

Is anyone else addicted to ... Cutest Blog on the Block? I was so sad when their site wasn't working. It still doesn't work all the time, so when it does I have to try new backgrounds out. I can have as many as 3 different ones in one day. Some people move their furniture around (I'm too lazy to do that), some people go shoe shopping (my feet are too Ginormous to do that), and some people go clothes shopping (my body is too fat and my wallet too skinny to do much of that). So I get my kicks out of changing the background and colors on my blog. I get to sit around on my booty, eat ice cream if I want too, pay zero moolah, and make my blog pretty. Can you beat that?!?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

They're Back!!!!

I had thought that since I hadn't seen any for a month they were all gone. I had hoped they had picked somewhere else to live. I wouldn't miss them. I didn't miss them. Well I guess they missed us. Jeesh a little warm weather and they come running back. Just one more reason to get on top of my organizing and cleaning. Because you never know when they will pop by and if all the clutter is put away they have no where to hide. The unwanted pet ~ Roaches. This time I am going to have Clint call City of Mesa to hopefully come out and spray the manholes. They are the BIG sewer roaches, but so far the city wouldn't do anything when I called. I guess call the bug guy is back on my TO DO list. But why oh why pick us!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Is Sunday a Hard day for anyone else? We all finally made it to Sacrament meeting after months of being home with Addison. I was hoping for the whole church experience but Sacrament meeting was as long as the kids lasted. Addison's tummy hurt and Jarom has these horrible planter warts on the bottom of both feet. I have put off taking him to the Dr. because it seemed like I just could never find the time. Needless to say we are going on Friday. Hopefully the Dr. will be able to help him out because he can hardly walk on them for any long amount of time. ANYWAY, yesterday was my mom's birthday and my sister planned a surprise b-day party at her house for mom. Every one came and we had a great time. Until... Jarom had a teenager moment and we decided we better head home. So after sending Jarom to bed when we got home and everyone had finally calmed down Clint, Addison, and I sat down to watch Happy Feet. I had gotten myself a big glass of ice water, YUM, and was watching the movie. Bella loves to sit on the back of my neck when I am on the couch. OK no big deal until... She started hacking and coughing. And out comes a little BB (one that goes in a Air Soft Gun- Jarom has them all over his game room). I didn't see where it went but because we are talking about my luck here I figured it went into my Ice water that was sitting on my lap. Clint and Addison both said ,"NO it rolled down onto the floor". OK whatever. Later after I had finally gotten everyone, but Bella (she is worse than a kid trying to get her to go to bed), and was reading a book and finishing up my ice water, I got to the end of my water and was crunching on my ice when guess what I found? The stinkin BB Bella had hacked up earlier. Sure enough it had rolled down right into my water cup. Ain't life grand!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Movie Review

Just a couple movie reviews. I have not had much time lately to see many movies so one is from when I took my kids and one is from Addison. The kids and I went to see Bedtime Stories. SIGH!!!! I thought is was cute, but was pretty disappointed. I had high hopes that it would be hysterical~ Adam Sandler and all. I think that if you see the previews on T.V. you have definitely seen the best and funniest parts of the whole movie. The second movie, I dropped Addison and 2 of her friends off to see Bride Wars. They all ranted and raved about it. They absolutely loved it. I hope to see it sometime next week and will write my thoughts on it then.

Friday, January 9, 2009

She Did It!!!!!!

She did it!!! Addison went to school today. It is her first day back in months. We met yesterday with her teachers and counselor. We were able to get her 504 all set up. She is going to her 4 basic classes. Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. She is staying for lunch as well, as her Dr. felt it was good for her to be there to socialize during lunchtime with her friends. I was a little bit worried if she would make it to school today because she had a really bad night last night. But she woke up this morning ready to go to school. She has missed being well enough to go to school and visit with her friends. I am so proud of her as this is a very big step for her. Hopefully it will continue for weeks to come!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Have to Post!!!

Nothing has changed much since I last posted a week ago, but I can not stand to see my blog slipping farther and farther down the list of most recently updated blogs. School has started again. Addison is STILL home. Her Homeopathic Dr. had us start a new diet. It is extremely hard and time consuming but we are hopeful that it will start to help Addison feel better. Jarom is being a trooper through all of this. He gives me the time I need to spend with Addison with out any complaint. He is such a good kid. We meet back again tomorrow morning with all of Addison's teachers and her counselor at school. We are going to try to find a schedule that will at least allow Addison a shorter school day. We are still trying to get the 504 in place for her too. So hopefully everything will become "Legal" and we will have more options for her. I am still trying to find the time to get all the Christmas buckets put away. My house is a wreck and I still have not gotten my Christmas cards out yet. They will get out, I am just not sure what month.