Friday, October 31, 2008

Death by Sonic

Marni represented our devotion to Sonic. It took me, Marni , Miche' & my mom about 2 weeks to save enough Sonic cups to decorate the back of the van with. Miche' used the Sonic lights for her trunk or treat, then Marni used them for hers, and tonight we are going to use them again at Miche's house to decorate the driveway for her neighborhood trick or treat night. Can you all tell that we LOVE Sonic!! There just isn't anything better.

Happy Halloween Again!

We went to Aunt Marni's Trunk or Treat party. So fun! Jarom dressed up as a dead monster thing & Addison was a nice witch. Here is a picture of Logan and Jackson both snacking on french fries. It is hard to tell them apart. There is also of picture of Addison, Jarom, Jackson and Raychelle(friend). Cute Kids!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Addison's room

These are some pictures of Addison's bedroom. We did not do any extra messing up it was like this for about 3 weeks. This is how it usually looks. I was having a really hard day last week and I went out to see a movie. When I came back Addison had a surprise for me. She had worked all by herself for almost 2 1/2 hours on her room. How come it is that a 12 year old girl can figure out what to do to help make her mom happy, but husbands are clueless. She was the only one who went out of her way to do somethng nice for me. Daughters are such a blessing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party

I got some really cute pictures of some of my nieces and nephews at my ward's Halloween block party. I just had to post them and show what cute kids they are. I am so grateful to a wonderful family that is always willing to support each other. My family genuinely loves to be together. We always have such a great time together.

Addison's Halloween Costume

Addison saw this costume in a magazine and wanted to make it. It is a gnome sitting on a mushroom. Originally it was a boy gnome, but we changed it to a girl. It is made out of two pool noodles, material and felt, lots of hot glue, and a dress and shoes from D.I. It was more expensive to make this than it would have been to buy a costume. It also took a lot of time but Addison and I had a lot of fun making this together.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's been said that I am a shopaholic. Can you believe that? I don't shop that much. Maybe I hit a couple stores a day. It's not like I am addicted or anything. Seriously!!! I do need help. If it wasn't for all the great deals out there I wouldn't have a problem. Not to rationalize, but when you move you have to change up the decorations a little. And to do that you have to research different stores. I have to admit I found some really good stuff for really great prices. When I can find my camera again, clean my house, and hang up the decorations (have to spray paint some first), I will take some pictures and show you that I really did need to buy all of it. Even if it doesn't match my decor if it only cost $2.00 it was a great deal. Maybe someday it will match.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bedhead- what a night

You know how you can tell what kind of night you had by how your hair looks in the morning. Well last night was one of those. Anyone who has had a puppy can relate. Bella has been sleeping through the night for about one month. Well last night she had other plans. She was up at one pooping. Back to bed (she sleeps with Addison). 45 min. later Jarom wakes me up, " mom Bella is in my bed bugging me." I had no idea she could get out of Addison's bed, it's pretty far off the floor. So Clint gets up this time. Out to pee. While washing his hands Clint discovers Bella has been busy while we were sleeping. Poop on the kitchen rug. Clint has too inform me that the poop smells so bad that he just put the kitchen rug in the front yard. He almost threw up. PLEASE!! You can tell he doesn't clean up after her very often. Back to bed with Bella in her kennel in the living room. She keeps barking. So I am back up again. Out to poop AGAIN. Back to bed with Bella in her kennel. She starts to bark again. OK I have had it. I finally figure she has to be about empty by now so in the Laundry room she goes. That's how you get bedhead. It was a rough night for everyone, but Addison won the prize for best hair.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


8 is Great!
Tagged by Marni

8 T.V. shows I love to watch
E.R. (this is the last season, sigh)
CSI anything
Any morning show
Dancing with the Stars
Kitchen Nightmares
Top Model

8 favorite restaurants

Olive Garden
Macaroni Grill
Applebee's (best Oriental salad)
Panda Express
Cracker Barrel (best breakfast)
Chick fil' A

8 things that happened yesterday
went to Marni's and hung out with mom and sisters
watched Jarom play video games
watched Dancing with the Stars & Biggest Loser with Addison
went to Olive Garden with Clint and Jarom
went to Home Depot
took care of animals
unpacked more stuff

8 things I am looking forward too
Quiet time
reading a book
fixing our bathtub
finishing unpacking
paying off bills
getting rid of the OTHER house
Addison feeling better
Twilight Movie

8 things on my wish list
Addison being healthy
kids be strong in the Gospel
second coming
another book series as good as Twilight
a million dollars
to go to New York
a new car
to be skinny

I tag who ever wants to tell us about themselves.

Can't Wait!!

I can't wait for Twilight the movie
Are all us girl's going to the very first showing of this totally wicked film? You all better be in. Who's going to be better (hotter, cuter, wickeder, etc.), Edward or Jacob? Edward, duh!! Let me know who is in so we can start making plans NOW.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Unpacking

Here I am still unpacking. This is the longest it has ever taken me to unpack from a move. Usually within two or three days I am unpacked and settled in. We have been here a month and I am still not done. My sister Marni is coming over tomorrow to help me hang pictures etc. I am so excited. I can't wait to feel settled in. Every day my husband and I work on getting some project done around the house and a little more unpacked. Yesterday was a big day for me. I hung up curtains in my bedroom and on the living room door (there is a small window in the door that shines into my son's gameroom. We have had a high school movie swimming towel over it for about three weeks now. From the outside it looks so ghetto. So it was time I fixed it). I switched the door knobs on my bedroom and my daughters because our lock was broken and my husband kept bugging me about IT, so I finally switched them (cause you have to have a lock on the door). I was even able to take Bella to the Vet. for her last shot, YEH! and I went to Walmart. Today I went to Home Depot to get two plants for outside our front door. My husband and I took Jarom to Olive Garden (had a gift cert.), Addison couldn't eat anything there (more on that in another post to come) so she stayed with her friend. Then we worked on the game room and laundry room. Boy I'm tired. If I ever say "I want to move" again, someone please slap me. Thanks to ALL the family and friends that helped us with this move, cleaning both houses, painting, unpacking and everything else you all helped us with. Could not have done it without you. This move has been really good for our family. So it is all for the best.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Movie Review

My mom requested I review more movies. I usually see one a week. After working in a movie theater for 3 years you get kind of addicted. Plus no kids bugging you, bonus. Clint and I went to see An American Carol on our anniversary. Since we never see movies together because he so does not like what I like, I figured sure why not. This is only my opinion but, I absolutely hated it!!! I actually feel asleep during it. It made me so irritable that I paid money and wasted 2 hours of my time on this stupid movie. Clint thought it was OK. So if you have 6 bucks and 2 hours that you don't know what to do with, go buy some new lipstick, go to Sonic, put in towards a pedicure, go to the library and then go to Dairy Queen after, or go see a different movie. Sorry to anyone who liked it , but that is my review.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chihuahua Movie

Addison and I just saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was very cute. Having a Chi-wawa made us want to go right home and give her loves. Then we got home and she had pooped on the rug. Oh well. Take your kids and go see it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Fincher Farm

I wanted to introduce you to all the Fincher animals. We have two tortoises, one rabbit, and our baby Bella. These are all Addison's animals. She loves animals. The tortoises are Pistachio and Pebbles, the rabbit is Snowball and our puppy is Bella. We had two tree frogs but then we had to keep crickets. That was more than I could deal with. A friend of ours is a teacher so he took the frogs and the crickets to his classroom.

Happy Anniversary Clint!

Today is our 15th! It has been a struggle at times but we made it. I thought when I was younger that you get married in the Temple and life would be easier. Boy was I wrong. Satan in so strong. He does not want eternal families. We just need to remember through the hard times that it is worth (easier said than done). This was the only picture I had on my camera of Clint. I need to start taking more pictures.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Soooo Frustrated!!!!

Ok, I have just spent the last two and a half hours getting the two sets of pictures on my blog. In the end it was my fault. Remember I know nothing about blogs. My son Jarom was able to show me how to download the pictures from my memory card unto my computer. Then after some trial and error of editing the pictures I remembered my sister had mentioned picnik. So, needless to say I blogged my first pictures. I guess after some practice it will become fun. Right now it is just frustrating. But remember quitters never win and winners never quit.

Trying to figure out the whole Blog thing!

Still working on my Blog. My sister Moira-Lin gave me some instruction on how to blog, but I had to drive from Avondale to Mesa and completely forgot all that she showed me. I will continue to try because quitters never win and winners never quit. So be patient with me. All my sisters out there that can help a do-it-yourselfer that can do many many things, BUT blog feel free to come on over and give a sista a hand. You are invited anytime. Just be ware of our friends the roaches. Can't seem to get rid of them. Our renters didn't like to clean so we are trying to house train our roaches to live outside. No success as of yet.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I just wanted to jump on the band wagon and start a blog. I will have to wait for my sisters to help me put pictures on. So be patient. I don't know much about computers. I know how to check email and how to shop.