Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fry's shopping trip

I couldn't find my camera charger so my son was savvy enough to take a picture with his cellphone. It's not very clear but I wanted to post a picture anyway. Before the Fry's card savings my total was $200.00. After the Fry's card, the buy ten deal, and all my coupons my total was $76.09. It was still more than I wanted to pay but I did get a lot of stuff. Almost 2 full cases of Smart Water, 22 bottles at .49 cents each. A 24 can case of Mtn Dew for $4.97. You could get it for $3.97 if you bought 3 cases of Pepsi products, but I didn't want that many. Toilet paper was $5.oo. I ended up with 78 items and my balance was $76.09. So $1.00 an item wasn't too bad, but I still think I can do better.
Thanks to the guidance of my sister Moira-Lin I may perfect this coupon thing one day.