Sunday, March 8, 2009

MY Bed

This is how my bed looks every night. It starts out with 1 dad, 1 daughter, & 1 dog. When I go to bed there is 1 dad, 1 mom, & 2 dogs. I move daughter to my floor. So last night I was trying to go to sleep and Clint is one of the loudest snorers I have ever heard. I usually have to kick him a few times to get him to roll over so he will stop snoring. Last night was no different. I reached over and was kicking his leg and I thought I heard something. The snoring never stopped. So I reach back over and kick him again and I hear the noise again and then I realize what it is. It is Bella growling. Bella had moved down by Clint's feet and I had been kicking her and she did NOT like it. I had to chuckle to myself. A song started going through my head: There were 5 in the bead and the little one said roll over, roll over. I feel like this most nights as I am kicked out of my bed by 1 daughter, 1 Bella, & 1 Rudy.

Do you have a Green Thumb?

This gives new meaning to "Green Thumb".
Rudy loves to dig in the freshly mowed grass.