Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random things about me

I did this on Facebook along with many other people. So I thought that it would be fun to share it on the blog for all those non-facebook people. So anyone that has already done it- tag you're it. Here is an easy post and a fun way to let all of us get to know you better. All those that haven't done it yet- tag you're it. It really isn't hard and it is super fun for all of us to read some fun little tidbits about you.

1.I was suppose to be twin boys. No ultrasounds when I was born so Dr. went by how big my mom measured and heart my rate.
2. I worked in the Mall for about 2 years in a frozen yogurt shop.
3. I worked in a movie theater for 3 1/2 years during High School. Met some really great people working there. It was a fun job. I quit when I was getting married. At the time I was an Assistant Manager.
4. When I was growing up I would get up really early in the morning to watch TV. With 6 kids, there wasn't many other times that you got to watch what you wanted to watch.
5. I was the "peacemaker" growing up in my family until I turned 13. Then all bets were off.
6. Grew up on a really great street. All the kids would play outside and the moms always did fun activities with all of us.
7. When I was growing up I wanted my own room so badly that I took over my mom and dad's bathroom. I hoped to make it my own room. The shower was too small for me to sleep in though. I only made it one night. Back to the bedroom with 4 girls!
8. I did gymnastics and clogging for many years growing up.
9. I did shot put and discus in High School.
10. I was obsessed with Patrick Swayze and all things "Dirty Dancing" when I was in Junior High.
11. I actually loved High School.
12. I love Movie's. I still try to go once a week.
13. I got married when I was 20. Met my husband in Courtship and Marriage class at GCC Institute.
14. I am a Certified EMT (about 20 years ago). Love to learn about how to fix, treat or save someone.
15. I would love to go back to school and do the EMT class again. Would like to become a Nurse or something else in the Medical field.
16. Had my first child when I was 21. It was not an easy first couple of years.
17.Had my second child when I was 23. She was 5 weeks early. She weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces. She was healthy enough to come home next day. (This was way back when you only got to stay one day.)
18. Had a Hysterectomy at the age of 29. That was tough, but now I am glad it's done.
19. I love to read. Novels, mystery's, but nothing to deep doctrine-y. Boring!!!
20. I love shopping. My daughter loves it even more than I do. Scary!
21. I love to shoot guns. And I love archery. That was my favorite part of Girl's Camp - the archery part.
22. I spend many hours watching my son play gruesome horrible games on X-Box. It is the one thing that he loves to do. So I do it because I'm a mom.
23. I would love to move either to Southern Utah or the East Coast. Hate the heat. I love trees and having 4 actual season's. The leaves just started falling off the trees here. For about 3 days. There are already new leaves on the trees. Weird!
24.I love Mexican food. It has to be really good though. Nothing worse than bad Mexican food. For those East Valley people, Rosa's is my favorite.
25. My sisters are my Best Friends.

I look forward to getting to know all you bloggers a little bit better.


Marni said...

I love your answers! Especially #25! Hey, speaking of sisters...everyone is coming over tomorrow! Mom just called and said her and MoiraLin are coming! It's a party! Come on over!

Moira-Lin said...

My sisters are my best friends too! I love you :)

Grandma Carla said...

Love your answers. I even learned a few new things. By the way...can I be your sister?