Friday, June 12, 2009

The Answer

We received "The Letter" in the mail today. Our Insurance had already denied our request for them to cover Addison's formula for her feeding tube. So we appealed. We sent out letters from Addison's different Dr.s stating why she needs the food. We jumped through hoops and finally heard the answer for our second appeal. The answer is.... DENIED!!! They also let us know that because they are only the administrators of the Insurance not the actual funders of the insurance that their answer will not change. And because Southwest Gas is "Privately Funded" insurance they are not affected by the law that the State passed saying that this kind of food has to be covered. So now we will get back in touch with our Attorney and see what we can do from here. This was a very frustrating blow for us. I think we felt positive that they would cover it. I guess all we can do now is to keep trying. That is starting to be one of the motto's for our family. The other motto is "Life is hard, suck it up".

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Grandma Carla said...

i honestly can't believe they turned you down again. I guess when the OKed the surgery to insert the feeding tube, they must have thought you were going to blend your own formula!!! Get that lawyer and give'em HELL!!!