Monday, October 19, 2009

We took a quick family trip to Willcox, AZ and Tombstone. We went to Willcox to a farm that had a pumpkin patch, sunflower patch, and tons of vegetable patches. We went through their corn maze too. We ended up picking 2 pumpkins, a red bell pepper, a hot pepper, some black eyed peas and a funking looking summer squash. Yes we took the dogs on our trip. Rudy is a traveling man. Bella shook and was terrified the whole time. All in all they did good and we had a great time together.

We saw a show before we came to Tombstone. It was called Ghost Lab. It was all about the ghosts of Tombstone. It was interesting. Needless to say the kids enjoyed it and it gave us some locations and things to do and look at while we where there. I think that the Boothill Graveyard was the highlight for us.


Grandma Carla said...

I AM SOOOO EXCITED YOU POSTED!!! (yes, I am shouting). Your trip looks like it was wonderful. I'm glad your "kids" with four legs each did well. I knew your kids with two legs would have fun. I can't tell you the number of times I thought of your family and hoped you were having fun. YIPEE!

Moira-Lin said...

How fun!! Our family needs to do something like that. Maybe after the fair is over and I get my weekends back. I loved Tombstone when Jason and I went, many years ago. :)