Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Fincher Farm

I wanted to introduce you to all the Fincher animals. We have two tortoises, one rabbit, and our baby Bella. These are all Addison's animals. She loves animals. The tortoises are Pistachio and Pebbles, the rabbit is Snowball and our puppy is Bella. We had two tree frogs but then we had to keep crickets. That was more than I could deal with. A friend of ours is a teacher so he took the frogs and the crickets to his classroom.


Marni said...

Thanks for having the farm at your house! The kids love the animals! It's better than going to the zoo!

momof3crazykids-Val said...

It's about time girl! Hopefully you won't get too frustrated. It gets easier the more you look around and start figuring it all out. I so love picnik!