Thursday, December 11, 2008

Addison Update

Tuesday was a very busy day for us. I started out at Addison's Junior High at 7:45am. I met with her counselor, nurse and all her teachers. We finally decided that at least for the rest of this quarter the teachers are going to fail Addison (because she is SOOOOO far behind in her work). But combined with her first quarter grades she will end up passing all her of classes. So we are all hopeful to start out fresh next semester. Then it was off to her G.I. appointment. The GI nurse was concerned about Addison not eating or drinking (because it really made her stomach hurt). So her feeling was that we should admit Addison into the hospital to give her fluids and nutrition with IV. She wanted to reconfirm with the GI Doc. so we waited to hear back from her. Then we were off to the Psychologist that is helping Addison try to cope with this illness and everything else that goes along with it. We heard back from the GI Doc that yes they want to Admit her into Phx. Children's Hosp. to rehydrate, etc. and also re-scope. Well Addison was not too happy about that. Then we were off to see the Allergist. We were hoping for some good news about the results of her patch test, but with all that is going on with her the Doc. doesn't want to add anything back in right now. Sigh!!! He didn't really agree about re-scoping Addison, but didn't feel like he could really go against the other Doc. So pretty much another wasted trip and co-pay. Yesterday we were able to meet with the Homeopathic Dr. It was about a 2 hour appointment and she asked all kinds of questions. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology as well as a MD in Naturopathic (?spelling?) medicine. She seemed hopeful that she will be able to help Addison, but said it will take a long while to get everything functioning right again in her body. We feel pretty good about her and Addison liked her and was comfortable with her so we are going to give it a shot. We are going to hold off on the whole hospital thing for right now, unless Addison gets worse again. We go back to see her again next week and she will ask more questions (after doing research for this week) and do a little physical on Addison. Well Addison is in the bath again, getting impatient for me to come get her out. Better go because she is "freezing". SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lissa said...

Poor thing! Please let her know that although she doesn't know me, I will keep her in my prayers. As her mother, you will be in them as well...this must be tough to see her like this.
Big Hugs from Mississippi!

momof3crazykids said...

Poor Addison. Hey when you go back to the Homopathic doctor ask about eyeology. It's where they take a pic of your eye and then blow it up and read it. I've had it done. They can tell you what is wrong in your body. Also ask about, crap now I forget what it's called, but it's a detox bath that you stick your feet into. It's really nasty looking but it draws out toxins in your body. The water is clear when you start and then depending on your toxins changes color. I have a pic of mine if you want to see it.