Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Movie Review

I have two movies to review this time. The first one is Bolt. I took Addison and my nephew Jackson who is 7 yrs. old. We watched it in 3D. I have to say it was pretty entertaining. I think if you watched it on a regular screen that it would still be great. So I give it a total thumbs up. The next movie is Australia. I went by myself to see it and it was totally worth the 2 hr and 45 min. I thought it was a beautiful movie. I don't think I would normally describe a movie as beautiful but this one qualifies. If you didn't like Hugh Jackman before you should watch this movie and it will change your mind. He is so sexy. I thought the acting all around was terrific. It was well made also. So make sure that Australia is on your list of movies to see.

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Natalie said...

Australia looks really good. I'm glad you liked it. I was worried that it wouldn't be as great as it looks, but it sounds like it's even better! I'm so glad you post movie reviews! I have a few to post, but haven't yet. We'll see. :)