Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mormon drive-by

Mormon drive-by: going by a garage sale without stopping and getting out. You just kind of cruise on past looking, looking, looking, and see ya. Why waste valuable garage sale time getting out of the car if there isn't anything worth stopping for?
I went out garage sale-ing(couldn't figure out how to spell it) with my mom, two sisters, daughter and daughters friend. Us girls also had a man tag-a-long. My sister almost made her husband drive all the way from Avondale to Mesa by himself in his own car because it was suppose to be a girls morning out going to garage sales. But he is always welcome to come with because no one makes deals like he does. I could not believe the stuff he got for a buck, when the people were asking 3-5 bucks for it. We all found some really good stuff for some really good bargains. Don't you just love a good garage sale!!


Grandma Carla said...

We really did have a great time. And, WOW the bargains I got. A floor puzzle with a piece missing, a coleman lantern that doesn't work, and a wet suit that doesn't fit! But, I got them at great prices and HAD SUCH A FUN TIME WITH THE FAMILY. I will go again just so I can be with the fam. "Mormon drive-by"...now, that's funny!

Moira-Lin said...

OK - now let me clear this up so I don't sound so bad!! :) Jason wasn't going to stay out there as long as we were, so that's why he was driving out there. (At least that is what I told him, OK I am mean aren't I.) It WAS supposed to be just the girls, but he loves garage sales as much as I do! I was actually kind-of glad that he was there because he did save us some money. I feel bad for mom and her deals. I did get a few good things myself. Now I need to have a garage sale to get rid of some stuff to make room for the new stuff and even though I did it, I hate people to just drive-by. :) We did have a FUN time and I am looking forward to the next community yard sale.

Marni said...

I loved this post! In fact I loved it so much that I stole it! I posted in on my blog too! We do LOVE the garage sales!!