Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Review

You probably thought it was about Twilight, alas I haven't been lucky enough to see it, yet. Just thought I would catch up on the movie reviews before I do see Twilight and write one on that. I have seen a couple lately. The first is- Max Payne. I always see movies Jarom wants to see first just to make sure they are OK. This one was just plain weird. It would be worth seeing at the discount theater if you are into weird and weirder. The next one was the new OO7 movie. I was looking forward to seeing this. I wish I could say that I enjoyed it. I was disappointed with it. It pretty much just dripped cheese. This new James Bond was way better in the last one. Lots of shooting and no one EVER gets hit. Totally unbelievable! The acting wasn't that great either. So another one for the Discount theater. Hopefully my review for Twilight will be totally different then these.

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Natalie said...

DARN! I was thinking Twilight! Max Payne, I think, was made for fans of the video game. I don't think I'd get it either. And as for 007... not even interested. You're a good mom to go see them for your kids first!