Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Movie Review

It is done. I was finally able to see "the" movie. Can I just say a couple words about it--
amazing, wonderful, great, terrific, fabulous, incredible, my list could continue on. I thought it was totally worth the $7.00 that I paid!! I would even pay the non-matinee price to see it. I plan on going and seeing it many more times. Edward was even better in "real" life. I think Bella did a pretty good job. I couldn't quit thinking about her in "Catch that Kid" though. I think all the others characters were portrayed pretty well too. I still wanted to smack Rosalie. What a brat. It was also helpful to read the blurb on the 5th book that Stephanie has online. All in all I think it was worth the time and money spent. My friend got an email saying that New Moon is in the works. Let's all cross our fingers that does happen.
GO Team Edward!!


Christi in AZ said...

Good to read your review. I am planning on seeing it on Dec 1st. I haven't read any of the books *GASP*!! Maybe I will, eventually. But I DO plan on seeing the movie.

momof3crazykids said...

OME!!! I just saw it for the 3rd time this afternoon with Sierra and my mom and dad:)
I loved more each time. When my friend Kathy gets back from her Thanksgiving Hawaii trip we are taking our girls and then that will be the 4th time, unless I go before she gets back. I might make Zach take me. He got a job at the movie theatre but has to be there with you to get you in free.

Moira-Lin said...

I agree! I'm ready to go again already. Maybe we can go Friday after shopping. :)

melissa merrill said...

I guess I am going to need to start reading the books. I am so behind.