Wednesday, November 26, 2008

P.S. My picture keeps disappearing. I have no clue why. So if you are looking at this and there is nothing there to see, that's about what a Mesa AZ snowman would look like also. Sorry!


Natalie said...

whew! I see it! :) I was so curious as to what it looked like. So cute! Looks like you got it fixed!

Marni had said that RaeLynn was probably one of Clint's cousins because, "he has a gazillion cousins! He's related to everyone!". :) That's so fun! I love RaeLynn and I remember vividly when Marc broke Marni's nose in Randy & Judy's pool. She called it "her nose job". :)

Moira-Lin said...

They did a marvelous job! Love the little corn cob pipe. I have never understood how people enjoy making real snowmen because my hands are always freezing after about 2 minutes.