Saturday, January 10, 2009

Movie Review

Just a couple movie reviews. I have not had much time lately to see many movies so one is from when I took my kids and one is from Addison. The kids and I went to see Bedtime Stories. SIGH!!!! I thought is was cute, but was pretty disappointed. I had high hopes that it would be hysterical~ Adam Sandler and all. I think that if you see the previews on T.V. you have definitely seen the best and funniest parts of the whole movie. The second movie, I dropped Addison and 2 of her friends off to see Bride Wars. They all ranted and raved about it. They absolutely loved it. I hope to see it sometime next week and will write my thoughts on it then.

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momof3crazykids said...

I wanted to see Bedtime stories but Jason doesn't since he doesn't like that Russel Brand.
I might just have to go me and the kids when it goes to the dollar theatre.
Oh and I so want to see Bride Wars. That looks hilarious!