Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Have to Post!!!

Nothing has changed much since I last posted a week ago, but I can not stand to see my blog slipping farther and farther down the list of most recently updated blogs. School has started again. Addison is STILL home. Her Homeopathic Dr. had us start a new diet. It is extremely hard and time consuming but we are hopeful that it will start to help Addison feel better. Jarom is being a trooper through all of this. He gives me the time I need to spend with Addison with out any complaint. He is such a good kid. We meet back again tomorrow morning with all of Addison's teachers and her counselor at school. We are going to try to find a schedule that will at least allow Addison a shorter school day. We are still trying to get the 504 in place for her too. So hopefully everything will become "Legal" and we will have more options for her. I am still trying to find the time to get all the Christmas buckets put away. My house is a wreck and I still have not gotten my Christmas cards out yet. They will get out, I am just not sure what month.


momof3crazykids said...

Poor Addison. I just can't imagine. I'll have to say that a couple of years ago I was seeing a Homeopathic dr. She was in our ward and was doing eyedeology (did I already tell you this?) and pressure type massages, they were called something. Then I did a cleansing and tried to eat the right alkaline foods and stuff and I felt great. Though I just am too much of a refined and processed foods type person. Oh yeah, and I like sugar!

Not to worry about your cards. I just didn't do any this year. Oh well. I do love getting and I love to send out but just didn't do it this year.

Marni said...

Addison is a strong girl! I don't think I could eat the way she does and still be happy. We love you Addison! by the way... how did you get that cutest blog on the block button on the side of your blog?? I have been trying to get some of those on mine! :)

Moira-Lin said...

Poor Addison! Well, I hope they get something organized so that she can go to school. It's so fun to hang out with friends and I hate to see her miss out. Love you Addison.