Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pushy People!!!!

*I was told I was too harsh in my original blog so I revised it the best I could while still getting my feelings across. I don't tolerate pushy people. I am all for serving, visiting, and helping other people. But right now in my life my children, my family and me come first. It has taken me many years to be able to say no to people. I try to be kind when I do it, but if I continue to get badgered or pushed in a corner I guarantee I will push back. I know the Gospel is true, but it's dealing with the people in the Church that is so annoying. I feel like the members of the Church get lost and left behind sometimes because we are so focused on the "Inactives" and "non-members". Well sometimes the 99 need help too. If we help the 99 think how many 1's we will be able to find and help.


Natalie said...

Oh, I hear you, girl! VT is HARD! And I think it's even harder when you're like me and are always given inactives. They make it so hard on you to try and go see them, and then you have to report your failure. Not so uplifting! I can't believe she cornered you like that! I'm glad you stood your ground! I would have buckled! I COMPLETELY agree about the 99! I've been in some ward councils where I've wanted to scream, "You're missing so many people that need you because you're so focused on baptizing that one person!" Sometimes, I think I'd really like to be able to just go to church and come home and not have to have so many responsibilities... but I'm a bad person! :)

Moira-Lin said...

Thank you VERY much! Now I don't feel so STRESSED!! :) You do have a hard life right now and I hope that things start to smooth out very soon for you. Hang in there... I love you!!

Jodie said...

I don't have much to say except, it's definitely true that being a member of the church is hard sometimes. It's those times I just need to remember that the Church is God's, but run by imperfect people...but you know that. It sure does feel good to vent about it sometimes, though, doesn't it? I agree with Natalie--I would have buckled had she cornered me like that! I think you have every right to focus on your family's needs at the moment, especially with Addison's health issues. Good luck!